Tango Argentino

… is feeling, experience. You can find tango at YouTube but there are just shows for an audience. You can find more of its essence on milongas (tango dancing party). You can see there the main principle – tango its is shared experience of man and woman during the dance. The experience which could be passionate, playful, intimate, joy of the movement, feeling of elegance … and a bunch of other options – let choose yourselves. But you can only taste it for real while dancing …

Historically, it is the original form of the tango created by the wave of immigrants to Argentina in the last century. The tango as a part of the ball room dances was derived from tango arg. and resembles primarily … by name. The connection is different ( „embrace“ in tango arg. / just kind of holding in ball room), music is different, the system of steps is different. The dancers in tango arg. are not moving so fast. Tango arg. does not have a firm structure of steps, it is improvisation. Eg. in the beginning there is not given rule which leg/ direction will dancers start, the leader just shows it with the body including length and dynamics of the step.

Tango argentino is a social dance. It is common to go to milonga alone. The ballroom tango is either dance sport, either dancing at social events but dance „promiscuity“ far from its ancestor.

There are several regular Milogas per week in Prague. The specific feature of tango arg. in Czech republic is roughly equal nuber of male and female dancers.


* 10 lessons, discount 25%, valid 12 weeks.

** Practica for clients of private lessons only.

Dusan Sponar, M.D.

(About me)

Tango fascinated me at the first lesson in January 2014. A new world of communication has opened – the connection in the dance. I enjoy above all the the feeling of mutual experience and the creation of the present moment. A hug undisturbed by motion. Every time with the flavor of what we want and can share together right now.

I danced until my fifth tango birthday up to 25 hours per week including countless worshops, dozens of tango marathons and festivals, summer schools, milongas, summer dancing in the park. I cleared one room to have a dance space at home … It was not following a goal, but passion. The fight with dance technique in the training was soon accompanied by an intensive lessons, how to deal with emotions.

Tango really changed my life, those who knew me before, know how much. My most intimate dance experience is comparable to when I fell in love for the first time in my life. However to use „sandbox“ for emotions is far easier here compare elsewhere in the life. And one can learn to use it better. It is like a role for actors. And the self-awareness of what I’m expressing in dancing tells me a lot …

I like to dance to classics and alternative music. The key is for me to work on technique. New Horizons will be opened proportionally to its mastery.

I have taught several of my partners many times before, when they have been younger in tango. From January 2019, I’m teaching tango officially.

Why with me?

    • you will learn technique but accordingly to your needs we will switch to work with emotions – not to be consumed by drill
    • I teach influenced especially technique of Alejandra Martiñan
    • I teach movement and posture more than 15 yrs – full time job (from 2003, yoga and exercises for healty spine)
    • in those lessons I used to work even with handicaped people sometimes – but I can offer quite big challenges on subtle levels
    • you don’t need a partner


facebook: Dušan Tango
mail: dusan.praha@gmail.com

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Photos: Nada Zhuravova.